The Power of Decision

One of the most powerful and greatest gifts we've been given as human beings is the ability to make decisions. Many times it is described as "our will". Every moment of our lives has consequently been effected by the decisions we make. And although we can be effected by the decisions of others for a moment in time, these are of less value than the decisions we make for ourselves. You can either let this become a frustration in your life or let it empower you. Imagine this moment, right now envisioning the person you want to become. What does that look like? Would you be more loving? Would your wallet be a little more padded? Would you spend more time with your loved ones? Would you worry less? Now that you see that person, your improved self, you have an opportunity to become that person right now! How? Simply by the act of decision. Let your mind, God, and life itself find a pathway. Your job is the act of decision. Decide this very minute that nothing is going to stop you from being the person you long to become. Know that by changing and improving yourself you are changing and improving your world around you. Then decide every minute, every hour, every day to be that person. One of my greatest decisions I've ever made was to ask Christ into my heart and deciding to follow him. And although receiving his blessings was an initial commitment to Him, it is still a daily decision to follow Him. So what are you going to decide today?

Decide Today,

Sarah Popejoy

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